Bourbon vanilla - natures perfection

Cinnamon is king in the Royal Polak Spices flavour realm, but the throne is shared with Bourbon vanilla. Vanilla is one of the most universally liked flavours. It’s warm, comforting and often referred to as the ‘queen of flavours’. Genuine Bourbon vanilla in particular wins the hearts of consumers.

Opt for real Bourbon vanilla instead of artificial vanillin in your products and benefit from these three advantages:

1. Bourbon vanilla offers more depth of flavour

Synthetic vanilla aroma’s reproduce one element of the Bourbon vanilla flavour: the vanillin. But the flavour palette of Bourbon vanilla pods is much richer, containing vanilla acids and vanilla aromatics as well.

2. Capitalise on the clean label trend

Research by Taste Tomorrow shows that 90% of global consumers read packaging information and 50% look at the ingredients used. Consumers today prefer ‘clean label’ products that are free from artificial preservatives and other processed additives. Bourbon vanilla is of natural origin, it is the most pure form of vanilla you can use. So the mention of ‘Bourbon vanilla’ on your product packaging is very appealing to consumers.

3. Answer the consumer call for transparency

Conscious consumers demand food producers to give transparency on their production chain. They want to know where their food comes from, which gives products with provenance flavours such as Bourbon vanilla a huge advantage. That vanilla variety is exclusively sourced from Madagascar and Réunion, which makes the ingredient traceable.

Convinced? Royal Polak Spices has a bourbon vanilla product for every application:

  • Bourbon vanilla pods - for your own processing
  • Grounded Bourbon vanilla - easy to use pure vanilla powder
  • Bourbon vanilla extracts - varieties of extracts based on Bourbon vanilla pods
  • Bourbon vanilla sugars – a range of products based on pure vanilla pods, co-grinded with sugar, including affordable solutions

And as always, you can count on our high quality sourcing and stable product supply.

Wish to make better tasting products that are more attractive to consumers? Get in touch so we can advise you on the Bourbon vanilla solution best suited to your needs.

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