Bourbon Vanilla



Bourbon vanilla, the best of the best

Bourbon vanilla is considered the world’s finest, most richly flavoured vanilla variety. Today, vanilla can only be called “Bourbon vanilla” when it originates from Madagascar or Réunion as it is named after the former name of Réunion: ÎleBourbon. Royal Polak Spices offers a wide range of vanilla products, all made with 100% natural Bourbon vanilla.


Pure Bourbon vanilla

Royal Polak Spices offers 100% natural whole Bourbon vanilla beans in givrée and non givrée qualities as well as ground Bourbon vanilla beans. There are organic options available for both products. The beans used in these products are carefully selected in order ot provide you with the best aromatic quality available.

Bourbon vanilla Sugars

Royal Polak Spices offers a wide range of different Bourbon vanilla sugars. The Bourbon vanilla is grinded together with the suger in order to ensure a homogeneous taste distibution. Our product portfolio contains Bourbon vanilla sugars with and without visible seeds, organically produced varieties, and a line of
affordable products.


Bourbon Vanilla Extracts

Royal Polak Spices offers a wide range of vanilla extracts. The 100% natural extracts vary in fold strength, are produced with and without visible vanilla seeds and are based on various solvants. Each extract is tailor made for a bakery, icecream or chocolate apllication. There are also organic and halal options available.