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We respect user privacy when someone visits our website and ensure that any personal information provided is treated in a confidential manner. The processing of personal data is done in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The definition of cookies
The term cookies refers to small text files that a website stores on a computer hard drive with every visit to that website. The most important application that cookies offer, is the ability to make a distinction between every different user.

Cookies ensure, for example, that a visitor does not constantly receive or is forced to enter the same information over and over again. Cookies are intended to enhance user experience. We also use cookies to create relevant offers based on shown interests. We identify different types of cookies, each with a different purpose.

1. Cookies applied to functional purposes
Cookies applied to functional purposes ensure that websites are able to operate properly. These cookies ensure that:

  •  Information is passed on from one page to another if, for example, you have to enter a lot of data,
  • Video display settings (such as desired buffer size or resolution data) are saved,
  • Browser settings for an ideal display for our website can be read,
  • Pages on the website are loaded evenly, which allows the website to remain accessible,
  • It is possible to respond to the website,
  • It is determined which version of the website a visitor uses.

2. Statistics / Analysis

The information we collect provides us the opportunity to obtain relevant statistics. This data provides insight on visitor’s behavior regarding to the website. By analyzing this behavior, we can optimize the structure, navigation and content of the website to user preferences. The data is not traced back to individuals. These cookies ensure that:

  • The number of visitors to a web page on this website is tracked,
  • The duration of each visit is recorded,
  • The order in which visitors visit pages is determined,
  • It becomes easy to judge which parts of the website need adjustments.

3. Other / unforeseen cookies
It is possible that cookies from third parties are placed on this website outside of our awareness. If this website contains cookies that fall into this category, please contact us. Or contact the third party that is responsible for placing the cookies.

4. Browser settings
What do you do if you don’t want cookies to be placed on your computer in general? If this is the case, we advise you to adjust your browser settings. It is possible to get a warning each time cookies are placed or to adjust the setting which provides you the opportunity to refuse cookies from third parties. Settings apply to a specific browser on a specific device. If you refuse the use of cookies, we cannot guarantee our website to function properly. Some applications may get lost or parts of the website are unable to be displayed. Ads are still shown, but without the addition of personal preference tailoring. Furthermore, the ads are repeated more often.

5. The Privacy Policy of (Bedrijfsnaam)
With the use of some cookies, personal data is processed. Please read our Privacy Policy to get more information about the way we use your data.