New recipes – with irresistible real Bourbon Vanilla

The precious spice Bourbon Vanilla, which comes from the orchid Vanilla planifolia, owes its name to the island of Réunion, formerly known as 'île Bourbon'. Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar is known for its unique character. The long, carefully hand-picked pods are fleshy and packed with tiny vanilla seeds that bring a richness of flavor.

The unique taste of Bourbon Vanilla, with complex aromas ranging from creamy and sweet to slightly spicy and notes of caramel, makes it an essential ingredient in kitchens worldwide. Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar enriches both sweet and savory dishes. It adds depth to desserts such as crème brulee and panna cotta, while also enhancing sauces and marinades.

Van Amstel Visser & Co.

The Bourbon Vanilla from Van Amstel Visser & Co. is a product of Royal Polak Spices. Royal Polak Spices supplies 100% natural Bourbon Vanilla pods in givrée and non-givrée quality and ground Bourbon Vanilla sugar. Would you also like to prepare dishes with real Bourbon Vanilla?


New recipes with Bourbon Vanilla

Also try Bourbon Vanilla in mini cheesecakes or whipped cream truffles. A true taste explosion!

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