Our Expertise



Benefit from the mastery of our mélangeurs

Over the years, Royal Polak Spices has acquired a level of expertise in raw materials and blending that you will not easily find elsewhere. Our highly skilled in-house mélangeurs know precisely which cinnamon varieties and spices to blend, and how, to create a recipe that will meet your expectations on every key parameter. From taste, fragrance, colour and mouthfeel to precise essential oil content and more.



Stand out with consistent, unique tastes

Whether you want to stick with traditional favourites, to experiment with seasonal or regional variations, or to offer your consumers exciting taste innovations, we will help you achieve the taste consistency and uniqueness you need to stand out in your market.

High supply chain standards

This ability to deliver customized, on-spec products and taste profiles is closely connected with how we manage our supply chain. As a family-owned company, we value our relationships and collaboration with local suppliers. Decades of working together with them has given us extensive knowledge of cinnamon. It also allows us to set high standards for food safety and quality up and down the chain.