First-class facilities for exploring, innovating and testing

The Cinnamon Lab of Royal Polak Spices offers first-class facilities for exploring, innovating and testing tastes together. Whatever your ambition, the Cinnamon Lab is the place to start. From co-creation or differentiation to product development and innovation. In the Cinnamon Lab, we study tastes and their properties, we blend natural spices to perfection, we tap into trends, and we create and refine the experiences your customers desire.

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Let's create

Some tastes deserve to be preserved. With the many variations that occur in cinnamon taste and colour, maintaining that single, unforgettable taste can be challenging – unless you have the expertise in raw materials, taste creation and blending that we offer in the Cinnamon Lab.

Let's differentiate

Product differentiation can help you expand your business or penetrate new markets and niches. With our expertise, you can differentiate without ever missing the mark. Think, for example, of seasonal or regional variations, sugar reduction, or certified Kosher, Organic or Halal variations.


Let's innovate

Do you want to amaze consumers with an innovative sensory explosion? Do you want to apply cinnamon and spice variations to your beverage, cereal bar, or sports nutrition product? The experts in our Cinnamon Lab look forward to creating and innovating together. We will help you hit the sweet spot.

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