Performance you can build on

Royal Polak Spices is the largest cinnamon importer in Europe, accounting for 20% of all European cinnamon imports. This position enables us to cover all the risks for you.



Food safety, quality on-spec delivery

We control the supply chain with greatest care. Our deep, historic roots in numerous source countries, our comprehensive range of varieties and our state-of-art operations – with 22,000 square metres of storage and production space – mean you can rely on us to deliver. We devote as much attention to processing and storage, administrative processes, (tailored) packaging and logistics as we do to food safety and quality assurance. Our expertise and flexible stock management methods ensure that you will always receive the right taste solution in the right volume at the right time.


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Worthy of the name 'Royal'

We have been dedicated to sourcing, grinding and blending since 1854. Our Fair Trade & FSSC22000 certification affirm that we continue to offer the kind of products consumers today demand. Awarded the honorary Dutch title ‘Royal’ in 1979 for a century’s worth of market leadership, we offer you the kind of performance your company can build on.