Royal Polak Spices
The Cinnamon Company

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The specialists in cinnamon

Royal Polak Spices is Europe’s leading business-to-business cinnamon specialist. Located in The Netherlands, we supply the food industry across Europe, from the bakery and pastry segments to the dairy, beverages and (sports) nutrition markets. With over 150 years of experience, we use a wide range of cinnamon varieties and other spices to create the unique tastes our customers desire. With Royal Polak Spices, you can be certain of consistent perfection in quality, delivery and taste profiles. If you want the best of cinnamon, partner up with the world’s best specialist in cinnamon.

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A reliable partner

Whether you operate an artisanal or industrial bakery or any other food related business, we offer customized solutions, reliability and loyalty to your tastes, processes and business goals.


High-quality cinnamon and cinnamon-based spice blends

As Europe’s largest cinnamon importer and specialist, we deliver high-quality cinnamon and cinnamon-based spice blends (Cinnamon Plus). Our ingredients include all varieties of Cassia and Zeylanicum cinnamon available on today’s market. Using our unique expertise in blending these varieties and other, all-natural spices – including Bourbon vanilla – we offer tailored solutions to customers in many different countries and market segments. Each blend is available with organic, kosher and/or Fair Trade certification.

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Let's innovate!

Our application lab in the Netherlands, also known as the ‘Cinnamon Lab’, provides the perfect setting for you to tap into the needs and wants of today’s consumers, from unforgettable traditionals to trendy innovations.

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