The sommeliers of Cinnamon

At Royal Polak Spices we like to work with the best cinnamon that nature has to offer- to provide a great flavour for your products. Getting a consistent flavour profile from an all-natural product is not a straightforward process. We would like to share with you our story and the efforts we make to deliver cinnamon with consistent quality & taste.

A cinnamon centered company

Here at Royal Polak Spices everything revolves around cinnamon – we have a wide variety of cinnamon types available at our home base in the Netherlands. Royal Polak has strong connections in Indonesia, where we source most of our cinnamon – being close to the source is important to ensure secure supply at the quality we want to offer. Being present at the source, and our over 160 years of experience in processing cinnamon make us the ideal trustworthy partner for cinnamon and cinnamon blends


Cassia cinnamon - a wild crop

Cassia cinnamon can be defined as a wild crop. This means that there are no plantations -the cinnamon trees grow wild in the jungle, in the wild conditions that come with it. Differences in soil, sunlight, shade, humidity and rain, all affect the quality of the cinnamon. For example, if a tree experiences a lot of rain, the cinnamon is often darker in color and the flavor profile is less pungent & sweet.


The Melangeurs

Our Melangeurs are the sommeliers of cinnamon. They ensure that our cinnamon and cinnamon blends are delivered with a consistent taste & quality.
Our way of working starts with testing. Upon arrival, each raw material batch is carefully sampled. These samples undergo analytical and rigorous sensory testing - all parameters are registered. While the batches differ slightly in quality, each cinnamon-type produced by Polak is blended out of different batches. Our Melangeurs hand select the batches for every production run based on product characteristics. This is how we at Royal Polak Spices can guarantee great tasting cinnamon year after year.