Time for FIKA

Swedish culture at its best

Fika at the office, fika over the weekend, fika with family or fika with a date. Swedes take a fika several times a day: a break with some treats and a cup of coffee. A perfect opportunity to unwind and catch up with friends and coworkers. A Swedish coffee break is incomplete without ‘fikabröd’, a biscuit, cake, or sweet roll. Cinnamon rolls are the most popular but there are other baked delights that have yet to make it to the Netherlands, such as Toscakaka and Kardemummakaka. Check out these delicious cakes and download the recipe's below.


Swedish almond-caramel cake

Who doesn’t love this cake! Toscakaka consists of a light vanilla cake with caramelised almonds on top for a delicious contrast between so! and crunchy. In this recipe, we add a touch of cinnamon to make the topping that much more irresistible.

Cardamom cake


Swedish cardamom cake

Swedes just love cardamom. Its floral, refreshing flavour makes for a perfect match with sweet pastry. This cardamom cake is simple, elegant and the cardamom gives it a delicious aroma!

Download both recipes here