Ice cream goes “spice cream” at Royal Polak Spices

Cinnamon is loved by everyone - a true staple spice, used in cookies, cakes, buns, cereals, hot beverages - but what about in ice cream?

There are some ice creams on the market with cinnamon flavors - but why not use the real thing. We at Royal Spices know the quality true spices can bring to the table, so we came up with “Spice Cream” a true, artisanal ice cream with the use of cinnamon spice which the consumer will absolutely love.

The “Spice cream” concept can be diverse – with tastes of cinnamon, speculates, gingerbread, pumpkin, Chai latte …. anything for every season!

And the combination of “spice cream” with traditional flavors makes it even more exciting. Personal favorites from Hans Kennis - Dutch ice cream chef - are passion sorbet with cinnamon and chocolate with Cardamom.

So, is it hard to use real cinnamon in ice cream? Absolutely not – We at Royal Polak Spices are happy to support – just reach out at [email protected]


We hope to have sparked some inspiration and ideas for new quality ice cream eh.. sorry “spice cream” 😊