Crowned cinnamon blend creators

That familiar little crown in our logo hasn’t always been there. Dutch companies must qualify for the royal predicate which is awarded by our sovereign. In 1979 Royal Polak was awarded the honor of the oldest royal decoration of our country by queen Juliana.

What is the 'royal' predicate?

Just a little over 150 Dutch companies have the right to call themselves ‘Royal’. We are in the special company of businesses such as KLM airlines, supermarket chain Ahold Delhaize and coffee brand Douwe Egberts. The predicate is reserved for clubs, foundations, institutions and large Dutch companies with a distinguished reputation that have existed for at least 100 years. Royal companies have to hold a prominent place in their professional field and in society.

How did Polak get its crown?

In 1854 Izak Salomon Polak started a modest trade in spices and bakery supplies in the center of Steenwijk. All the spice melanges for biscuits, gingerbread and cake – always with cinnamon as the main ingredient – were made in Polaks own spice mill. Over time, the company was passed down from father to son for three generations, while continuing to grow. Polak became one of the oldest spice grinding factories for bakeries and started operating internationally. For its 125th anniversary the designation Royal was granted.

Why did Polak deserve the distinguished designation?

In Steenwijk we always say that three things never changed throughout our long history: the pointy tower of Steenwijk in our logo, the unrivalled spice expertise and our commitment to a 100% natural taste experience. This dedication has led us to become a world renowned cinnamon specialist and the biggest cinnamon importer of Europe by the end of the 20th century. With the start of our Cinnamon Lab we could innovate even more with flavours and keep the quality and taste consistent.

Our sustainability initiatives contribute to the required outstanding reputation as well. As a partner in the Sustainable Spice Initiative Indonesia we work on making the cinnamon chain more sustainable. We are mindful of nature conservation and forest management and ensure good incomes for our farmers and education for their families.

We are proud to carry the name Royal Polak and depict the Dutch crown in our logo, motivating us to staying ahead of the curve as an industry leader and be mindful of our people and the world.

Curious to find out why exactly Royal Polak has been the preferred partner in cinnamon for the 167 years? Get in touch and make use of our long-standing expertise in spices.

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